BMW M30 CSL slide throttle kit

Product Information

BMW M30 CSL slide throttle kit (M52 race)

Schnitzer type race E9 CSL Group 2

We build up and supply the following installation for the M30 engine:

– AC Schnitzer slide throttle, fixings are included.

– Ram pipes / trumpets; machined from billet, welded bolt flanges + injector bosses to fit the Bosch DLO 90C injector.

– Kugelfischer PL-06 7.5mm injection pump, modified to race CSL specification with factory Group 2 (2D calibration), dash-6 (AN) fuel feed and return PRV, AN3 oil feed, AN6 oil drain. Bench tested.

– Schnitzer injection pump mounting (under the water pump), including all fixings.

– Pulley Kit – crankshaft, Kugelfischer pump, generator/ alternator and water pump pulley.

– New water pump (to ensure the bolt pattern is correct for the water pump pulley).

– Set of six PA12 fuel lines for injection pump to slide throttle.

– Throttle linkage kit from slide throttle to injection pump.

– Six DLO90C type injectors