Ferrari 250 reservoir for brake fluid

Ferrari 250 reservoir for brake fluid. Blue Fiat cap. No bracket. Ferrari used two types of brake fluid bottles for the 250 series. Need other 250 parts? Email us at...

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Distributor body Marelli type S85

Alloy distributor body Magneti Marelli ‘S85 type’ for Ferrari and Maserati. NEW. We also sell a complete set: 2 distributors plus full electronic ignition (e.g. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona) Our clients are happy with the electronic ignition! We also do ignition conversions, the electronics will be build in the old ignition housing for better and more performance. Engine: Tipo 112 – 250 Europa GT Tipo 128 – 250 GT LWB/GTE Tipo 168 – 250 GT SWB/GTO/GTL Tipo 163 – 400 Superamerica, 330 TRI/LM, 330 LMB Tipo 208 – 500 Superfast Tipo 213 – 275 GTB/GTS Tipo 209 – 330 America, 330 GTC Tipo 226 – 275...

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Starter Motor Lightweight Ferrari

Axial starter motor for Ferrari 250. Lightweight, for road and competition use. Custom mounting plate to fit tipo 128 engines. Only ~2.5 kg Description Starter Motor Lightweight Ferrari. The competition starter motor we offer is designed for use in demanding race applications and tough working environments. The starter motor is hand built and tested on the most advanced test equipment availiable in Europe. Applicable cars: Ferrari 250 GTE, GT Berlinetta SWB, GTO, ‘Tour de France’ and Berlinetta Le mans (LM) Made in EU. Starter Motor Lightweight for Ferrari 250 Advantages of this starter motor: Interchangeable pinions and mounting brackets. – Multi position orientation for the connector block or solenoid. – Faster cranking speed. –...

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