Ferrari 250 330 caliper kit Dunlop

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Ferrari 250 330 caliper kit Dunlop type

This front brake kit was exclusively designed as a simple modern replacement for the original Dunlop system.

Easily fitted to the original uprights and discs, it is compatible with the standard hydraulics and will transform the braking performance and feel of your cherished (racing) classic.

With a 90% larger pad area, stainless steel pistons and a modern seal design, the calipers come in attractive zinc-plated cast-iron for dramatically increased performance.

These kits include a pair of new 4-pot calipers with stainless-steel pistons and a set of pads, with pipes where applicable.

Made in EU.

Ferrari 250 330 caliper kit Dunlop

The first reliable caliper type disc brakes were developed in the UK by Dunlop and first appeared in 1953 on the Jaguar C-Type racing car. The 1955 Citroën DS featuring powered inboard front disc brakes was the first French application of this technology, while the 1956 Triumph TR3 was the first English production car to feature modern disc brakes. The first production car to have disc brakes at all 4 wheels was the Austin-Healey 100S in 1954.
Disc brakes were most popular on sports cars when they were first introduced, since these vehicles are more demanding about brake performance.