Ferrari 430 GT3 carbon body parts

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Ferrari 430 GT3 carbon body parts

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430 Challenge cars can be converted to 430 GT3 Kessel with these carbon fiber parts and panels.

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Ferrari 430GT3

The Ferrari 430 GT3 by Kessel is a race version of the 430 Challenge developed by Kessel Racing Car SA in Switzerland, in collaboration with Ferrari to compete in the FIA GT3 class. Many owners and teams had their cars converted by Kessel.
Kessel Racing was not the only team fielding a GT3 Scuderia in 2009, both JMB Racing and CRS Racing had been replacing Ferraris on the grid at the first race of the season in 2009 (Silverstone)

The FIA’s GT3 Championship began in 2006 as a support race for the FIA GT Championship. In the GT3 Championship the manufacturers were not allowed to develop their car throughout the season and the racing variants were much closer to their road car versions than in other series. The GT3 class was reserved for what the FIA liked to call “gentleman drivers”, racing drivers who were non-professionals. The FIA’s view was that the manufacturer’s role was simply to sell the cars and parts to racing teams without attempting to get too hands on.

The original 430 Challenge power output was 490 horsepower (360 kW), the GT3 bettered that raising peak power to 500 bhp (373 kW)

We have bonnet, bumpers, spoilers, fenders, engine cover & more!

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