Injection Service for Kugelfischer and Lucas systems

Product Information

We are fully specialized in the repair, remanufacturing and refurbishing of Kugelfischer and Lucas mechanical fuel injection systems (pumps, fuel lines and injectors)
We also supply complete injection systems with pulley system, PA12 pipes, mounting kit and slide throttle bodies.

We refurbish Bosch DLO20D injectors for Ferrari, Peugeot, BMW and Porsche with new internals as with Lucas injectors for Triumph, Maserati, Ferrari and Ford engines.
Restoration of Lucas intake manifolds for Maserati is also a specialty; injectors and linkage (we manufacture new parts)

Example 1:
Ferrari 308 Michelotto GT/M or Rally Group IV
-Kugelfischer type alloy pump
-PA12 static pressure tested pipes
-Bosch injectors
-Pump pulley system (plus a blank pulley, hub detail not machined for client to machine in order to fit the camshaft) and a belt.
-Magnesium pump bodies available.

Example 2:
Ferrari 512S Metering Unit, completely refurbished, polished internals, new injector internals and non-return valves.

Example 3:
BMW M1 Procar
-Kugelfischer VIPL158
Complete service and refurbishing of all mechanical parts, new gaskets and new injectors.
Tested on the Kugelfischer test bench.

We can supply many parts and fuel injection systems for Ford Capri, Porsche 935,
Ferrari 512 BBLM, 512S, Ford Escort, Lancia Stratos (Ferrari V6) BMW M10, M30 and M88 engines.

A large supply of M88 (BMW M1 Procar) mechanical and body parts is also available.

Our E9 CSL mechanical fuel injecton conversion kit BMW M30 CSL Schnitzer