Lucas mechanical fuel injection 8mm Ferrari

Lucas mechanical fuel injection 8mm Ferrari

Product Information

Replacement Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection, 8mm, 12 cylinder
As used on the Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Le Mans 1979-1982

We can also supply 6mm and 8mm metering units for 4, 8 and 12 cylinder engines.

Replacement ‘Lucas’ petrol injection systems, machined and built to the highest standards.

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The Lucas mechanical petrol injection system was orignally designed for military applications, and was later adapted for use in cars. It was extensively used within racing, including Formula 1. It was also used in racing Maserati’s, Ferrari’s and Triumph road cars.

The original design was done by H. Bottoms and J. Littlehales did the development for use in road cars.

The design is basically sound, with a very high performance potential. The system does need a certain degree of preventive maintenance (lubrication by adding 2-stroke oil to the fuel) to the petrol) to ensure a good long term reliabilty.

We can manufacture the 6mm and 8mm metering units
for 4, 8 and 12 cylinder engines.

Direct replacements to the Lucas unit and are machined
and built to the highest standards.

We stock throttle slides and various systems
for mounting the metering units.

We also stock anodised aluminium bodied injectors,
high pressure mechanical pumps and mountings
and 3 way valves.

Prices on application due to the
various specifications available.

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Lucas Mechanical Metering Units? Email us!

Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection:
On a petrol injection engine, the carburetor is replaced by a pressurized fuel system which meters accurate charges
of fuel to each cylinder in turn. The fuel is injected in the form of a fine spray into the intake air at a point in the
manifold close to the inlet valve. The mixture is then compressed and spark-ignited in the usual manner.

The accurate control possible over the amount of fuel supplied to each cylinder under all operating conditions
gives increased economy and greater flexibility to a petrol injection engine. In addition the removal of the carburetor
choke, and the absence of the exhaust-heated hot spot, permit an increased air charge to the engine, resulting in increased
power output.

As a result of many years of investigation into problems associated with petrol injection, Lucas engineers have
developed a system which will serve four, six or eight cylinder engines accurately and reliably. The ability of the system
to meet very high speed requirements is shown by its successful use on specially designed racing engines with speeds
of the order of 10.000 rpm