Magneti Marelli AEC 104 BW Dinoplex

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New Old Stock Magneti Marelli AEC 104 BW Dinoplex
Pozzi France
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Magneti Marelli AEC 104 BW Dinoplex

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In 1968, Magneti Marelli produced its first electronic ignition, the Magneti Marelli Dinoplex.

This device was absolutely on the cutting edge for the time, and antedated the advent of electronics in engine management and control systems.

The name derived from the car for which the ignition was designed: the Ferrari Dino, the first rear-engined road Ferrari, inspired by the last sports engine designed by Dino Ferrari, son of “Drake” Enzo, who died prematurely in 1956. A less powerful version of the same engine was also fitted on the Fiat Dino, which bears the same name, and on another “legendary” car, the Lancia Stratos.

One peculiar note: the Dinoplex electronic ignition was so innovative and futuristic for the time that the engineers who designed it took precautions against breakdowns due to unknown causes by adding a bypass switch: in case of malfunction, one had to simply open the bonnet, deactivate the control unit and continue driving, with lower performances perhaps, but warding off the danger of being left stranded.
(Source: Magneti Marelli)