SNAP exhaust SWB 1959-1960 Ferrari div. models


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SNAP exhaust 250 SWB 1959 – 1960


SNAP IPRAN exhaust extractors for Ferrari 250 SWB 1959 – 1960
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Description SNAP exhaust 250 SWB 1959 1960

These phenominal replicas are 100% accurate to the original pattern of the 1960’s
Superb quality and chroming. The stampings too are perfect. Made in the EU.
SNAPS were used on almost all Ferrari 250 competition cars and some road cars as well.
The exhaust flow will be improved with these on high speeds. The internal fins impart some spin, the fresh air entering the oval slots and exiting the round end hole assist the exiting of the exhaust gasses.
The back of the car does stay cleaner with the SNAPS installed. The exhaust and road air never mix inside the SNAP, but only come together after the exit point. SNAPS function as exhaust extractors using the added velocity of road air to reduce back pressure at the exhaust tip.
SNAP stands for Scarico Negativo Aria Pressione or ‘Exhaust Negative Air Pressure’ in English.