Sportscar Spectacles Ferrari 330 P4 P3/4-412P 1967 #2

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Sportscar Spectacles Ferrari 330 P4 P3/4-412P 1967 #2

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Sportscar Spectacles Ferrari 330 P4 P3/4-412P 1967 no.2

Beautifully produced on quality stock, this is a photo-filled closeup of sportcar icons, this time featuring the 1967 Ferrari 330P4 P3/4 412P cars! Text is in Japanese and English. Softcover.
80 pages.
29.7 x 23.3 x 0.7 cm

Sportscar Spectacles Ferrari 330 P4 P3/4-412P 1967 #2

Targa Florio 1967
Nürburgring 1000km 1967
Le Mans 24 Hours 1967
BOAC International 500 miles 1967
Point Scoring
Racing record with all serialnumbers

The Ferrari 412 P was a “customer version” of the famous 330 P3 race car, built for independent teams like NART (0844), Scuderia Filipinetti (0848), Francorchamps (0850), and Maranello Concessionaires (0854). These cars had carburetor engines instead of the factory Lucas fuel injection. Surviving 412 P cars are worth approximately $10-15 million at auction.
There are only 2 cars that were originally built as 412 P’s: 0850 and 0854. P3 chassis. P3 Typo Motors except for Carburetors in place of FI. P4 suspension but P3 wheelbase 2412mm vs. 2400mm (P4 and P3/4 0846) 0844 and 0848 were originally P3 Factory Racecars but when Ferrari sold them to customers they removed the Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection and replaced it with Weber carburetors which reduced their output, something Ferrari wanted to do so that they would win points but not beat the factory cars which were then P3/4 0846 (See Above), P4 0856, P4 0858, and P4 0860.
The P3’s and 412 P had the same 4 liter block which is different from the P4 4 liter block and all had P3 not P4 chassis. P3/4 0846 is unique having, after modification by Ferrari for the 1967 race season, a P3 chassis with a P4 engine.
The 412 P and related 330 P3/4 and P4 models weren’t eligible for the International Championship of Makes in 1968 as their engines were too large for the new 3 litre Group 6 Prototype category and too few examples had been built to allow homologation for the 5 litre Group 4 Sports Car category which required production of at least 50 units.[2] Ferrari did not contest the championship for a year in protest.
Four 412 Ps were built:
0844 was a converted by Ferrari to a 412 P then by Ferrari and NART to a 330 Can AM and has a 412 P body.
0848 was a converted by Ferrari from a P3 to a 412 P.
0850 is an original 412 P
0854 is an original 412 P

330 P3/4 and P4

1967 was a banner year for the Enzo Ferrari motor company, as it saw the production of the mid-engined 330 P4, a renowned V12 endurance car meant to replace the previous year’s P3.
Only four Ferrari P4-engined cars were ever made: one P3/4 and three 330 P4s. Their 3-valve cylinder head was modeled after those of Italian Grand Prix-winning Formula One cars. To this was added the same Lucas fuel injection system from the P3 for an output of up to 450 hp (335 kW).
The P3/4, one of the P4s, and one 412 P electrified the racing world when they crossed the finish line together (in first 0846, second 0856, and third place 0844) in the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona, for a photo finish to counter Ford’s photo of the Ford GT 40 MK IIs crossing the finish line together First, Second, and Third at Le Mans in 1966.
Since then, the fate of the these four nearly legendary cars has been the subject of much attention. All of the P4s built are accounted for. By chassis number:
0846 the only P3/4 was originally built as a P3 by Ferrari. It was modified in December 1966 to accept a P4 engine and it’s wheelbase was changed P3 2412mm to P4 2400mm. It retained its P3 nose and chassis becoming a P 3/4. This vehicle was damaged in an accident at Le Mans and was discarded by Ferrari.

0856 remains in its original state
0858 was converted into a 350 Can-Am by Ferrari
0860 was also converted by Ferrari to a 350 Can-Am