Vintage Italian registration plates

Vintage Italian registration plates

Product Information

Vintage aluminium Italian license plate with chrome holder. New.
You can choose:
MO 66177, MO 68810, MO 68015, MO 68939, MO 66226, MO 66178, MO 67910 or MO 66193
Measurements: ~11 x 8 inch
Ask for other numeric and/or alphanumeric codes.
For decorative purposes only.
ITALY EURO SQUARE vintage Italian registration plates

Vintage Italian License Plates Fiat Alfa Ferrari Abarth Lamborghini Osca Maserati

The perfect finishing touch to your vintage Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Bandini or Abarth restoration.

Plate was black with white digits. The registration number was the provincial designator, which is a two-letter code (exception: Rome’s code is Roma, Modena’s code is MO), and a progressive code, unique for that province, up to 6 characters long. In registration papers can be an additional 0 before the second digit, these never appear on registration plates.

From 1927 to 1976, the progressive code was before the provincial designator. Then, the progressive code was before the provincial designator in front plates (00000 MO) and after it in rear plates (MO 00000).

The progressive code for the first 999999 cars of the provinces was just a progressive number, not filled with initial zeroes; in the rear plate the last four digits are in the second row and the first ones (when present) in the first row. For cars from 1000000, it was A00000-A99999, B00000-B99999 etc. Possible letters were, in this order, A B D E F G H K L M N P R S T U V W X Y Z. After that, it was 00000A-99999A, 00000D-99999D etc.; then, the letter was moved to the second position, and then to third (same range as in second position).

The typeface changed in 1951, more modern, slim. In the early 60’s the same typeface but a little thicker. If you ask we can deliver pre-51, 51-upward and 60’s typefaces too. Small front plates are available too.